Check out our recently finished projects. Our solutions are being used by such big players as Gold Apple perfume store, Forum group holding, Meteorit construction company, Beeline, Megafon, Russian Railways, etc.
«Pay&Wash» mobile app is a handy service, which helps to find the closest automatic or self car wash. The app provides customers with an opportunity to pay for the services without leaving a car using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a bank card. It saves your time and cleans your car in 5 minutes.

Gold Apple

Gold Apple mobile application is a client service which includes personal offers, client days invitations, all the customers' cards (discount card, bonus program, gift certificates), purchase history, feedbacks and program for makeup artists.

Roads of Russia

"Roads of Russia" – is a comprehensive and interactive multimedia atlas of Russian sights (www.rusroads.com). The project won the best "Electronic edition" award of the national competition "Book of year 2017". It represents a simple navigation system with the historical and cultural guide included.

Live poetry

Cultural initiative center "Sretenie" with The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour present "Live poetry" project. It consists of Russian poetry anthology shaped into 12 electronic editions (every publication represents each month of the year) compiled together inside iOS app.

MegaFon Life

"MegaFon Life" is an application which combines several convenient functions: messenger with video calls function, Customer's profile with a service management possibility, info on bonus program. So, basically, three applications are combined into one!


Represents an electronic adventure magazine. Project got the "Best Newspaper and Magazine mobile app of 2015" award and was placed twice on the main banner of AppStore by the Apple censors. 29 editions of Photoed has been currently issued, the audience of the magazine has reached the number more than 850 000 readers.


Kakprosto.ru is a social media of advices and experts. More than 16 mln. people monthly find answers to their questions among more than 300 thousand advices and with the help of thousands of professionals. Search for answers, ask questions, become experts, reply to other users and share interesting content.


Saray is a car marketplace app that lets you browse, sell, buy and explore cars with just your mobile phone! Its convenient, faster and easier to browse for the best deals with the app. Photos, videos, live chat, 59 search filters include every parameter to find your dream car. The app also judges the market value of cars to make sure you're getting a fair price. The best Market place. Ever

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